Baseball basics

Although we won’t admit it, Most of us are guilty of cheering during baseball because everyone one is, but we have absolutely no idea what is going on on the pitch. So here is a basic guide to baseball.

Nine players are strategically positioned in the field depending on their role, which they interchange as the game goes on. The pitcher is located on the far corner of the field and throws to the catcher located behind the home plate from a raised mound. The batter attempts to hit the ball being thrown to the catcher.

If the batter fails to hit the ball thrice, they are termed as out of strikes’. If the batter manages to bat a ball and it lands within the strike zone, they run anticlockwise to the four bases to score a run. If four pitches are beyond the strike zone, the batter obtains the base on balls and walks to the first base. If the batter hits three batters, the teams swap roles. Simple as that!