Top 3 Baseball Hitting Tips for Beginners

Baseball is a tricky sport. Hitting a ball with a bat sounds easy, but it’s much harder than it looks. Becoming a good hitter takes patience, practice and some help from people who know how to do it well. Here are three tips that will help anyone trying to learn the game execl.


1) Find the Right Bat and Choke Up

When you’re just starting out as a hitter, it’s important to make sure you’re extremely comfortable with your bat. A heavier bat will cause the ball go farther, but is also much harder to swing and make good contact with. Start with a lighter bat at first. Lighter bats are much east to control.
You’ll make contact at a much higher rate, and putting the ball in play is how you get base hits. You should also not be afraid to choke up on the bat. This means holding it with your hands in inch or two above the bottom. This will help you move the bat more quickly through the strike zone.




2) Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

You’re going to hear your coach tell you this 1,000 times, but he’s right. Keeping your eyes on the ball is probably the most important key to hitting. This means maintaining eye contact – with both eyes – on the ball from the second, it leaves the pitcher’s hand until just after you make contact. This increased focus naturally forces your body to square up the bat on the ball and make solid hard contact.


3) Follow Through with Your Swing

Never stop your swing after you make contact. If you want to ball to leave the infield, you’re going to have extended your arms and keep your swing going even after you’ve hit the ball. This leads to more powerful hits, as you maintain fast bat speed for the entirety of the swing. Stop turning once you hit the ball and your bat slows down, leading to easy outs for the defense.

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