The Three Highest Paid MLB Players of All Time

Top players in Major League Baseball have always been known for receiving high, annual base salaries, with even higher cap hits. As MLB continues to grow in popularity, these figures continue to rise substantially each year.

2016 has seen annual salaries of up to $34,571,428, in the case of Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers. There is a strong trend of starting pitchers earning the top salaries in the MLB, with players such as Zack Greinke of the Arizona Diamondbacks and David Price of the Boston Red Sox both earning over $30,000,000 per season.

However, despite the millions that these players are making, there are three MLB players who have made much more during there careers. Without further ado, we will be taking a look at three men who made MLB history as the top paid players of all time.

Before we begin, an honourable mention goes to Alex Rodriguez, who has earned the highest amount in MLB, at $356,285,10. With an impressive record, this New York Yankees player has earned more in his career than any other MLB player. However, as he is still currently playing, we haven’t included him in our list of retired high-earners. Still, with numbers as impressive as his, we just had to mention him.

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As far as retired high earners go, Barry Bonds comes in at third. Bonds has played an impressive 22 seasons, coming in at a total of $188,245,322. Bonds has a batting average of .298, with 762 home runs, as well as 2,935 hits. During his MLB career, Bonds played for both the Pittsburgh Pirates (1986–92) and the San Francisco Giants (1993–2007). Bonds is the only player to have hit over 500 home runs, as well as stealing over 500 bases.

Manny Ramirez comes in second at $206,827,769 within the course of his 19 seasons in the game. Ramirez started out playing for the Cleveland Indians (1993–2000). Since then, he has played for the Boston Red Sox (2001–2008), the Los Angeles Dodgers (2008–10), the Chicago White Sox (2010), the Tampa Bay Rays (2011), the Oakland Athletics (2012), the EDA Rhinos (2013), the (minor league)Texas Rangers (2013) and the Chicago Cubs (2014). Ramirez has played nine straight seasons which are of at least 30 HRs as well as 100 RBIs and reached a 27-game hitting streak in 2006. Ramirez’s batting average is .312, and he has had 555 home runs.

Derek Jeter come in first at $US265,159,364, made during his 20 seasons. Jeter played exclusively for the New York Yankees from 1995 to 2014. Jeter boasts some impressive statistics, with a stellar batting average of .310. Jeter has a recorded 3,465 hits and 260 home runs. He has been listed as the World Series Champion 5 times and was the captain of the New York Yankees from 2003 to 2014.

Major league baseball has always been full of talented individuals who receive high-level salaries. In this article, we have celebrated the best of the best, but there are always more players of the past that are worth remembering and bright starts of the MLB futures which might one day outshine even the likes of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.