Top Ten Baseball Players Of All Time


There has been quite some discussion and disagreement on who should and who should feature among baseball’s greatest players. The disagreement is usually whether to base on the number of hits, home runs and the awards won, appearances in the All-star team and many other areas. So who makes it to the list of the top 10 baseball players of all time?



# 1 Willie Mays

Position: Centerfielder

He is the single best player to have ever been on a baseball field. There remains to be no other player in their MLB career who has ever been consistent and dominant in all areas of the game. He won 12 Gold Gloves, was a two-time MVP, and was the first player ever to make 500 home runs and collect 3,000 hits. He sits fourth on the all-time home run list with 660 home runs. Mays had 3,283 hits as a hitter and 1,903 RBIs. He was a twenty –four times All-star and very consistent; finished no lower than position six every season from 1957 to1966. He won the World Series in 1954.




#2 Babe Ruth

Position: outfielder, left-handed pitcher

Commonly known The sultan of swat, he had a very impressive record both as a pitcher as well as a hitter. One of the most celebrated players during his time both on and off the pitch; he had a very successful career at the plate, with a 0.342 batting average, 714 home runs, 2,873 hits and 2,231 RBIs. At the Boston Red Sox, he won eighty- nine games in 6 seasons, helping the team to the world championship three times. He led the Yanks to 4 World Series crowns and seven AL pennants. As a pitcher, he had a 2.28 ERA and a 94-46 record. He won the 1923 AL MVP.




# 3 Ted Williams

Position: left fielder

Generally referred to as ‘’The splendid splinter’’, The Thumper’’ or teddy ballgame, he is considered as the greatest hitter to ever been on a baseball pitch. The last to hit. 400 in one season which was in 1941 when he realised a .406 batting average. William still has the MBL record for OBP career at .482 and was a 2- time winner of the AL MVP and the Triple Crown. Williams at one time interrupted his career on the field to join the US Navy and Marine Corps and served for three years. He later came back and continued with his playing career. He had 2,654 hits, 1,839 RBIs, 521 home runs and had a. 344 all –time a batting average. He was named to nineteen All- Star teams and won the Triple Crown in 1942.




# 4 Hank Aaron

Position: outfielder

Popularly known as a Hammerin Hank, ‘he was one of the last African – American also to play in MLB.  Aaron remains to be the home run king with his 755 home runs; no one has broken that record. He won 3 gold glove awards, holds the RBIs record, at 2,297 and 6,856 total bases. He was very consistent, making it to the All-star team every season during his career time and made it to 25 career selections. Aaron won the 1957 World Series title as well as the NLMVP. His most memorable moments was hitting the home run no. 715, hence breaking Babe Ruth’s record, on April 8 the.


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# 5 mickeys Mantle

Position: Centerfielder

Popularly known as ‘’The Mick,’’ he is the best switch – hitter in the history of MLB. He had a very enviable career at the plate with the Yankees. He collected 2,415 hits, popped 536 home runs and had 1,509 RBIs and ended up finishing his career with a lifetime. 298 batting average. He was a 7 –time World Series winner, a twenty- time All- Star, and 3-time ALMVP winner while with the Yankees. Mantle’s greatest moment was hitting at the Griffith Stadium, Washington D.C when he hit a 565 foot home run.





# 6 Stan Musical

Position: first baseman, outfielder,

Commonly known as ‘‘Stan the man’’ he was a model and an icon regarding excellence and consistency during his 24 years career with the Cardinals. He was originally signed as a pitcher, but his position later changed due to his quick feet. He made it to the All- Star team each and every season during his playing career wherein each season he finished with an over 300 batting average. Musical retired with a 331 batting average, having made 3,630 hits, 1,951 RBIs, and 475 home runs. He was the MVP winner three times; in 1943, 1946 as well as in 1948. He also won 3 World Series and seven batting titles.



# 7 Ty Cobb

Position: first baseman, outfielder,

Ty Cobb remains to be the second greatest hitter to have ever played baseball; with 4,911 hits coming second to Pete Rose. He played for the Philadelphia A‘s and the Detroit Tigers in his 24-year career. He holds the record of .367 for batting average with 23 seasons over, 300. He won 12 batting titles, 9 in a row. Cobb was also the best base- runner before being overthrown by Rickey Henderson. He won the 1911 ALVP and the 1909 Triple Crown.



# 8 Barry Bonds

Position: left fielder

Except for his doping controversy, he was a great player and a fantastic career. He won eight gold glove awards and seven MVP awards during his playing career. He was the top most hitter in the year 202 with an average of. 370 and was one of the most feared players when it came to hitting in his time. During his career with the Pittsburg Pirates, he was a 5- tool outfielder. Bonds finished his career with 762 home runs, 1,996 RBIs, 2,935 hits and 514 stolen bases. The doping allegation is what made his career appear less successive but hate or love him; he was a good player.